About Dcs. Pamela Boehle-Silva

Pamela Boehle-Silva is the deaconess at Holy Cross Lutheran Church.

Sunday in Kisumu Kenya

Good morning, I am sitting on my little terrace overlooking Lake Victoria, enjoying the cool morning breeze and taking in the stunning views here in Kisumu, while waiting to leave for church. Dr. Just will be preaching this morning, but … Continue reading

Back in Kenya

Hi, all, After a 4 day trip to Tanzania, which warrants a post of its own, I am back in Kenya, landing at the new International Kisumu airport. Rev. David Chuchu and driver Samuel were there to greet us. Ah, … Continue reading


Alwaysmercy.posterous.com Kawangware, 27 June 2012 On Tuesday, getting a late start, we met Dcs. Caren at her home in the second slum, Kawangware. There is a difference between these two slums (and I haven’t been to the other slums surrounding … Continue reading

first days in Kenya

Hi, all. Ok, there was a glitch with getting on the alwaysmercy site….here is the link. (I hope) Alwaysmercy.posterous.com June 25, 2012. Kibera, (Nairobi, Kenya). For those of you who know me well, Mother Teresa is one of my inspirations … Continue reading

Safely arrived in Kenya

Dear Family and Friends, Before I forget, Pastor Todd Peperkorn, in his attempt to bring me into the technological age, has set up a website where my emails and eventually photos may be seen.  Here is the address in case … Continue reading

Leaving in 8 hours

Dear Family and Friends, OK, so a few weeks ago, it seemed like a good idea to save some money and fly out of San Francisco rather than Sacramento. Now that I am looking at the clock and realizing that … Continue reading