COVID-19 Closures–Heart Openings

It can close schools. It can close libraries. It can close just about everything–my yoga studio and even my church. But it cannot close my eyes to the gentle sway of the birch’s pale green heart-shaped leaves. Not the coal … Continue reading

Traveling Mercies: Through the Back Door

I am finding my way home through the back door of poverty, disease, despair and sorrow.  These are places where the darkness is pierced by a small window of the noonday sun, or dimly lit at night with a flame … Continue reading

Twilight Dreams

It was evening. The sun had slipped down into the horizon, sharply silhouetting trees against the twilight. We pulled into the hard-packed dirt parking lot outside the Jalaram Nursing Home—a private hospital in Kisumu, Kenya. The noise of city traffic … Continue reading

Traveling Mercies: Home

I am home. Fairly rested. Unpacked. Laundry done. Back to cooking. Daffodils and narcissus are blooming in the backyard. Looking in the rearview mirror at my three weeks in Kenya, brings a collage of images: Driving for hours on paved … Continue reading

Leaving Home to Come Home

I am always torn when I leave Kenya.  I am ready to see my family and friends in California, AND sad to leave those I love in Kenya.  I have been cared for in so many ways here. Pastor David … Continue reading

The Pictures Tell the Story

This story begins with this photo taken in 2006. It was a hot day and we traveled far to visit this family. If you look closely at the photo you can see the despair etched on faces.  A mama and … Continue reading

Traveling Mercies

Dylan. A sweet 15 month old who lives in love at the Udom rescue center in Pokot Sunday 26 January 2020 It’s funny how time moves when traveling. Sometimes, the days hurtle by and other times, it seems as if … Continue reading


Before I left for Kenya, I was conversing with a friend about homesickness– that awful, sick, anxious feeling that comes into our bodies and hearts when we miss home and all that is familiar and knowable.  We long for something … Continue reading


All Saints Day Sunday 2019 The yard with her fallen leaves beckoned me outdoors this All Saints Day Sunday.  Bent over to gather raked up leaves, and to pull a few stubborn weeds, the sun warmed my back and thoughts … Continue reading

For John

I met John several years ago while making a home visit in the rural area of Kenya. It is John who inspired the dream of opening a palliative care center/hospice house. A dream that is getting closer to becoming a … Continue reading