He Restores My Soul

Suffering. It comes to all of us. Unbidden, unwanted and intrusive. And yet, it comes. Why do we suffer?  Where is God in our suffering? How and where do we find comfort and peace?  These questions often swirl around us … Continue reading

The Gift Received

“We do not obtain the most precious gifts by going in search of them, but by waiting for them.” Simone Weil. A shadow, a glimpse—some moments are fleeting, never to be thought of again. Others stay with us and imbed … Continue reading

Saving Lives–One Filter at a Time

We hike up the steep cobblestone path leading to even steeper steps and eventually find our way on dirt paths that wind through the various homes tucked in the foliage of the hills above Colonia Hermano Pedro, Guatemala  Far below … Continue reading

Water is Life–6th Annual Taste of Loomis!!

Guatemala, 2017 We hear A LOT about water in California with the drought and all….but at the end of the day, we are still able to turn on the faucet and get clean water. Not so in many parts of … Continue reading

The Girl in the Yellow Dress

It is difficult, near impossible, to write about poverty witnessed in another country.  I haven’t lived it, only witnessed the surface of it. And try as I might, I cannot fully understand it. From my eleven years of traveling to … Continue reading

Memory Box

A couple of months ago, when visiting my mama and step-father, I loaded a rectangular, wooden box into my trunk. This tiny trunk contained treasures I planned to use to create a memory book for my mama. I’d read an … Continue reading

The Places In Between

In this picture, we are sitting together as deaconess and pastor, laughing.  It is October 2016, and I’ve made a surprise visit to Pastor Olak in his rural home in Kenya.  He is the father of Lorna (Olak) Meeker, friend … Continue reading

Poetic Time

My husband is a man who spends his days teaching first graders how to read and write, and yet maintains a capacity for deep thinking and great ponderings. The other day he sent me this quote from one of his favorite … Continue reading

The Ground of Our Being

The meaning of life is the mystery of Love.  Just as the roots of the trees hold firm in the soil, so it is the roots of love that hold the ground of our being together.* It is that time … Continue reading

A Never-ending Love

On a autumn afternoon, I meet a friend for tea. We sit outside, kitty- corner from one another, vying for the last rays of sunshine peeking over the roof of the café and warm our hands with cups of Earl … Continue reading