All Saints Day Sunday 2019 The yard with her fallen leaves beckoned me outdoors this All Saints Day Sunday.  Bent over to gather raked up leaves, and to pull a few stubborn weeds, the sun warmed my back and thoughts … Continue reading

For John

I met John several years ago while making a home visit in the rural area of Kenya. It is John who inspired the dream of opening a palliative care center/hospice house. A dream that is getting closer to becoming a … Continue reading

Making Change for Kenya

They came to me with smiling faces, eager to share something with me. The oldest girl, Olivia, was clutching a clear glass jar filled with coins and a few bills. “This is the money we earned from our lemonade stand. … Continue reading

Mother’s Day 2019

Mother’s Day 2019 The guy who invented the Post-It-Note was a genius. I love sticky notes—these seemingly innocuous pads of pale-yellow paper with the right amount of adhesive on the top allowing them to stick to just about any surface, … Continue reading

Mercy in Guatemala

We came to the pueblo of Santa Inez as the cloudy skies glowed in the waning light just before twilight. This particular neighborhood is nestled against lush green hills, slightly above the traffic, noise and bustle of the city of … Continue reading

Ready to Go!

By Dcs. Pamela Boehle-Silva The rains have come to California, providing much needed water to our drought-stricken land.  I don’t know about you, but I take it for granted that I can turn on my faucet and out comes clean … Continue reading

Holy Darkness

Annunciation There was Is Has been And will be An everywhere Fixed And transfixed Within That point in time Wherein One single Simple Open soul Received The potency Of the creative whole. Elizabeth B. Rooney I sit in the waning … Continue reading

He Restores My Soul

Suffering. It comes to all of us. Unbidden, unwanted and intrusive. And yet, it comes. Why do we suffer?  Where is God in our suffering? How and where do we find comfort and peace?  These questions often swirl around us … Continue reading

The Gift Received

“We do not obtain the most precious gifts by going in search of them, but by waiting for them.” Simone Weil. A shadow, a glimpse—some moments are fleeting, never to be thought of again. Others stay with us and imbed … Continue reading

Saving Lives–One Filter at a Time

We hike up the steep cobblestone path leading to even steeper steps and eventually find our way on dirt paths that wind through the various homes tucked in the foliage of the hills above Colonia Hermano Pedro, Guatemala  Far below … Continue reading